5 Simple Ways to Align Marketing Strategy with Business Goals



Are you struggling to communicate with key stakeholders?

One of the most critical steps to achieve your goals is to align your marketing strategy with your business goals. If you're not sure where to start, I've got you covered!

Here are five easy tips that will help you align your marketing strategy with your business goals.

1) Explain how marketing impacts business goals in simple language.

Stakeholders are often on another team or running the company, so it's important to explain clearly how your marketing strategy will help the company at a level the recipient can understand.

Communicate how your team's goals align directly with the business goals, speaking to common pain points that resonate with stakeholders.

2) Meet stakeholders at their knowledge level; don’t try to bring them to yours.

I’ve made this mistake often in my career, yet it’s the number one rule of marketing: know your audience.

If your intended audience has no idea what MQL, CAC, or ROI stand for, don’t use those terms. Use simple language in the report or dashboard so the recipient can understand.

3) Only ask results and how questions.

Using this concept is a great way to uncover actionable results quickly. Regardless of the intended audience, asking questions about measurable results or behaviors will reframe your marketing strategy into actionable steps.

4) Create simple dashboards.

If you have to analyze a dashboard, you’re doing it wrong. Present the information clearly, allowing the user to see the immediate action.

5) Don’t report data without context

If you can’t present the information during a 1:1 meeting, record a video walking through the dashboard or report. Do not assume your recipient knows how to interpret it.

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