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Accurate Data vs Actionable Data

Published 2 months ago • 1 min read



I saw this post on LinkedIn, and it got me thinking. Why does everyone fixate on data accuracy?

Everyone wants accurate data to make decisions, but the reality of today’s privacy laws means we are constantly doing more with less.

So, instead of focusing on accuracy, let’s focus on action.

Can you see trends or patterns in your reports that lead to an obvious action?

Or is your report a jumbled mess of numbers with no rhyme or reason?

If it’s the latter, that may be why you’re laser-focused on accuracy…

but you’re missing the forest for the trees (pardon the cliche).

Take a step back and focus on the strategy.

Here’s an easy mind shift to implement:

Ask results and how questions.

That’s it.

What result are you trying to measure? How do users arrive at that result?

These simple questions unlock the power of your data and fuel insight into the customer journey.

Are you Team Accuracy or Team Action?


I’m not saying data shouldn’t be accurate--but in the world of website analytics, accuracy is a losing battle when there’s more truth in the data trends than the discrete numbers.

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